“Sarah has helped me so much to see how to hand all my worries, concerns, challenges, trials and pain over to my Savior in the literal sense. She has helped me to see how to apply my Saviors Atoning healing balm onto my heart. She sends me inspirational texts to uplift my day. She’s like an angel.”

~Jaylene W.


“Sarah has helped me realize I am more than a wife and mom, but that I have dreams and that I can achieve them if I put my mind to it. She has helped me see I am in charge of how I perceive things and am in control of how I respond to situations.”

~Colette P.


“I was recently blessed to have been mentored by Sarah Jensen. I loved her insight and knowledge. She spends a lot of time searching the scriptures, quotes, inspired words, and good books and shares inspired messages as she feels prompted. She gave me many things to ponder and pray about that have benefited my life greatly. She was patient, understanding, and non-judgemental in any way, making me feel comfortable and at ease. I know she was inspired to teach me the things she did, because there were so many times that the messages she shared with me was exactly what I needed that day. I love her ability to understand my struggles, because she has been through some of the same situations as many of us, so she is very easy to talk to, understand and work with. She is a wonderful and caring person. She loves to help others and it has truly been a gift to work with her.”

~Gina S.


“Sarah Jensen is gifted to know how to mentor according to the needs of her clients. She listens and helps guide me to what I know inside already, but couldn’t access on my own. She has a plethora of tools and know-how that she tailors to the need of whomever she’s helping. With Sarah, you truly get custom attention and a sincere desire to serve you to succeed in whatever your goals may be!”

Tiffany Garvin
Author of Life Above the Line
Creator of P.E.R.F.E.C.T Healing


“Sarah is an amazing person! Not only does she have that spunky, friendly Texas charm, but she is inspiring to me and many others! She is easy and fun to work with and always goes out of her way to serve and help others! You can definitely feel that she cares about those she works with and wants to help them succeed in their lives! I highly recommend working with Sarah.”

Michelle LeBaron
President Drevinon LLC
Creator of Perfect Journey to Health