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It is so easy to allow ourselves to become discouraged in life. Let's face it, bad things happen. Our cars break down. Our children misbehave. We fight with those we love. People cut us off in traffic. People can be rude and say things that offend us or hurt our feelings. Yep, this is a… Continue reading Discouraged?

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Are You Empowered?

We've all heard the phrases "MIND OVER MATTER" and "WILL POWER" and sometimes think we simply don't have any. But let me tell you right now, YES YOU DO! We all have the agency to be what we can be and should be. We all have the ability to chose and make choices of what… Continue reading Are You Empowered?

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Emotional Health: Calming Stress

I'm sure we've all had days where we just want to sit down and cry. And some of may have even done it. No matter how many good days you have, no matter how often you look on the bright side of things, or see the silver lining, you are going to have bad moments.… Continue reading Emotional Health: Calming Stress