Gardening and Self-Reliance

Gardening: Watering Your Grow Box

My friend Alysia has this easy watering system in her garden, and so we did something similar for now, until we get our grow boxes up and running next year. But, since I don't have this system up and running yet, let me show you what we do have so far this year and the… Continue reading Gardening: Watering Your Grow Box

Gardening and Self-Reliance

Building Your Grow Box Part 3

So, there are those that say this isn't really organic, because it does us a mixture that contains a little fertilizer, but I watched the first video about the "Big Lie" and felt good about what I heard. (I prayed about it too, and feel like this is good. You judge for yourself.)   But… Continue reading Building Your Grow Box Part 3

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Building a Grow Box

Last week I told you about the Mittleider Gardening Method. Now, you obviously don't have to do this or try it, but planting in grow boxes or raised beds is a great way to get more produce in limited space and it's easier on your back. So, here's one way to build a grow box.… Continue reading Building a Grow Box

Gardening and Self-Reliance

A New Way of Gardening (For Me)

As I've said, my husband and I both grew up on farms and so we should have a great garden, right? Though it's growing, it's not great. Part of the problem is that we both work and rely on our children to care for it. (Mostly our 11 year old son.) He does well enough,… Continue reading A New Way of Gardening (For Me)