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The Power of Intention

ResearchGate Publication posted an article titled: Evidence about the Power of Intention, and since I have been studying this topic myself recently, I decided this was a post I wanted to share. It states, "Intention is defined as a directed thought to perform a determined action. Thoughts targeted to an end can affect inanimate objects… Continue reading The Power of Intention


Beauty: How Health Affects Appearance

Some of you have read my story, about being sick for years. It's amazing how poor health affects so much more than what you're capable of doing. I'm putting up a picture of me taken August 5, 2012 and then one taken August 1, 2016. People who knew me before, have told me I look… Continue reading Beauty: How Health Affects Appearance

Essential Oil Education

Beauty Tip

Need to relax? Did you know that relaxing and sleep play a huge role in inward and outward beauty? If you are too stressed and can't relax or don't get enough sleep it makes us irritable. It also causes bags and circles under the eyes. Here's a tip to help you relax! To find out… Continue reading Beauty Tip

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables each day? Part of Healthy Living is healthy eating. It's recommended by most nutritionist to each six small meals each day and to stop eating after 8 pm. On this blog, I'll add healthy tips for eating, exercise, etc. Today's tip, eat more fruit! And eat 6 small… Continue reading Healthy Living