Lost and Found

It saddens me that we live in a society of “throw it away” when we no longer need it.
Now, I’m certainly not saying to keep things you don’t need, because you certainly shouldn’t do that! But to just throw things in the trash or take them to the dump or even simply leaving them on the side of the road, is irritating, to say the least.
Pass them on to others, donate them to thrift stores, etc.

I have been enjoying Geoffrey Hiller’s posts and his journey.


Why do we lose or cast away things that once seemed so important to us? We turn our attention elsewhere and…POOF… the past has vanished, along with many of the things we once cherished – and took for granted.


Found:  one pony on side of road near Bus 75 stop. Pink with splotches of gray.


Lost:  colorful bug. Escaped from garage. Friendly. Will not harm you.


Found: one glove. Alone on fence post. Raise your hand if you think it’s yours.

And the bus keeps rolling, oblivious to all that is lost and found along the line.

FullSizeRender 28

Lost: one 30-foot trailer. May be filled with tires. Do not open.


Lost:  one childhood. Family could not pay the rent. Now live in tent.


What we lose or cast aside we can usually replace – often with something better. But not always. Life goes on. Families keep moving. Bushes keep growing. And…

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