Motivation Monday: Will Smith

My first love of Will Smith came with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He made me laugh. He still does. But over the years, he has also proven profound. He is a great ambassador of working hard and honing skills. He teaches that talent isn't as important as hard work. Because without hard work, your… Continue reading Motivation Monday: Will Smith


Beauty: How Health Affects Appearance

Some of you have read my story, about being sick for years. It's amazing how poor health affects so much more than what you're capable of doing. I'm putting up a picture of me taken August 5, 2012 and then one taken August 1, 2016. People who knew me before, have told me I look… Continue reading Beauty: How Health Affects Appearance

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Organizing: 101

Would you like a clean, easy to maintain home? Want to be able to clean it in 30 minutes or less if company is coming unexpectedly? It's easier than you think. I've gotten there with my main floor. Still working on bedrooms and down stairs, but since I'm a full time mom, business technique coach,… Continue reading Organizing: 101

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Are You Empowered?

We've all heard the phrases "MIND OVER MATTER" and "WILL POWER" and sometimes think we simply don't have any. But let me tell you right now, YES YOU DO! We all have the agency to be what we can be and should be. We all have the ability to chose and make choices of what… Continue reading Are You Empowered?

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What Kind of Woman Are YOU?

Okay, men, this is a post for women, but feel free to read it and discover what kind of woman you want. This is not to say that we are weak and cannot stand up for ourselves and others. Nor does it mean that we can't be popular with those around us or even have… Continue reading What Kind of Woman Are YOU?

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Black Pepper is best known as a common cooking spice that enhances the flavor of foods, but its internal and topical benefits are equally noteworthy. This essential oil is high in monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, known for their antioxidant activity* and ability to help ward off environmental and seasonal threats. Black Pepper promotes healthy circulation,* but… Continue reading ESSENTIAL OIL EDUCATION: Black Pepper

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Building a Grow Box

Last week I told you about the Mittleider Gardening Method. Now, you obviously don't have to do this or try it, but planting in grow boxes or raised beds is a great way to get more produce in limited space and it's easier on your back. So, here's one way to build a grow box.… Continue reading Building a Grow Box

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We The People

For all my American friends and country men, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! I am a firm believer that we need to place God back where He belongs as the author of all FREEDOM! We are a blessed free nation as long as we put God first. The Founding Fathers of this Nation understood this. "The delegates… Continue reading We The People

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My Chickens are Losing Feathers and NOT Producing

Every year your chickens will lose their feathers in what is called a molt. This is normal as they need to replace old with new. More often than not, they will stop laying as well during the molt. During the molt, and while chickens aren't laying, they can lose weight which can lead to liver… Continue reading My Chickens are Losing Feathers and NOT Producing

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Are You an ORIGINAL?

I've spent my life as a procrastinator. Now, I'm not so bad that I wait until I don't have time to finish, but I wait until the last day or even the last minute if I can finish just before the deadline. Why? I've always felt bad that I've done this, yet even when I… Continue reading Are You an ORIGINAL?

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As He Dwelt in Tent

Today's post came from the comments on my Humility and Pride post. It was written by one of my team members, someone who has become a dear friend and sister to me over the years, and someone I hold in high esteem and am grateful to God every day He put us in each others… Continue reading As He Dwelt in Tent

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Money and Happiness

pay the bills, helps us obtain financial freedom, and offers us choices we might not have without it. We've all watched those with wealth lead lives of pain and heartache. Make bad choices and suffer from others bad choices. Their wealth didn't shield them from what we all go through. Some even feel money is… Continue reading Money and Happiness