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Are You Empowered?

We've all heard the phrases "MIND OVER MATTER" and "WILL POWER" and sometimes think we simply don't have any. But let me tell you right now, YES YOU DO! We all have the agency to be what we can be and should be. We all have the ability to chose and make choices of what… Continue reading Are You Empowered?

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Keeping the Commandments of God

  As parents, we have rules and guidelines for our children to follow. We teach them things that will help them live their lives happier and safer. We teach our children how to stay safe with strangers. We (hopefully) pay attention to their online activities and friends. We know who their friends are and try… Continue reading Keeping the Commandments of God

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Are You an ORIGINAL?

I've spent my life as a procrastinator. Now, I'm not so bad that I wait until I don't have time to finish, but I wait until the last day or even the last minute if I can finish just before the deadline. Why? I've always felt bad that I've done this, yet even when I… Continue reading Are You an ORIGINAL?