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Are Your Fields Ready for Rain?

Two farmers prayed for rain. One prayed each morning, waiting for the rain to come, hoping that it would happen soon, so that he could plant his fields. The other farmer prayed for rain each morning, and while he prayed, he tilled his fields, readying them for seed. Then he planted his seed and prayed… Continue reading Are Your Fields Ready for Rain?

Building Business

Let’s Play a Game!

Today we're going to play a game. This is a simple game; I want you to comment below and tell me what makes up the perfect job! I want to know the things you love and hate about your job. The things you like and dislike, and the things that are just so-so. Let BUILD… Continue reading Let’s Play a Game!

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Money and Happiness

pay the bills, helps us obtain financial freedom, and offers us choices we might not have without it. We've all watched those with wealth lead lives of pain and heartache. Make bad choices and suffer from others bad choices. Their wealth didn't shield them from what we all go through. Some even feel money is… Continue reading Money and Happiness