Author/Speaker School Pricing

Rates for School Visits

Full Day Visit

One general assembly and 5 grade-level workshops.
Two general assemblies and 4 grade-level workshops.

Full Day Rates:
$1100.00 per day inside Utah

$1200.00 per day + Travel Expenses if outside Utah.

Discounts available for multiple-day bookings.


One: $400.00
Two: $600.00

Teacher Inservice

$200.00 — 45 minute inservice if scheduled on the same day as the student presentations.
$600.00—Half Day Workshop
$1000.00—Full Day Workshop

Discounts available for multiple-day bookings with student assemblies and workshops.

Family Literacy Night

$200.00 if scheduled on the same day as the student/teacher presentations.
Email for rates if the family night is held on a day other than a day Sarah is already at the school.

Book Sales:

Sarah provides book fliers and brings books to fill orders on the day of her visit. The fliers will be sent out four weeks before her visit and all money must be collected two weeks before she comes. There will be books available for sale during visit, but it’s first come first serve on those not purchased in advance.