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School Visits

Sarah’s years of experience in overcoming the emotional whirlwinds that push us to become a bully and a victim has helped her teach others how to step away from the clouds of negativity and into a place of awareness and happiness. Her goal in working with students, from kindergarten to college, is to help them take control of their lives by learning to chose how they respond to a situation, by acting instead of reacting.
Reacting is the go to response we’ve always used. Someone acts mean toward us, we run, fight back or do nothing. It’s the fight or flight reflex.
Acting, is making a conscious choice on how we will respond, usually in advance. A person has acted a certain way–do I have time to figure out why they are behaving the way they are, or do I need to walk away, tell a teacher or adult or trusted friend, and together, figure out ways to make the situation better.
As I’ve done this with myself and my own children, we have been able to make friends out of former bullies and are changing the world. One person at a time.


Sarah offers different topics for assemblies. They are each 45 minutes of encouragement, inspiration and learning.

Stopping the Bully in Me

• Introduction
• What makes a Bully?
• Why I’m sometimes a Bully?
• How I am Both Bully and Victim
• How to Stop Bullying Myself and Others
• Becoming a Hero
• Conclusion

Moving Forward When You Feel Stuck

• Introduction
• Being Stuck
• Limiting Beliefs
• The Law of the Vacuum
• Empowering Beliefs
• Pushing Through
• Taking Action
• Conclusion

They All Fall Down…How to Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down

• Introduction
• When Life Happens
• Choice and Accountability
• Shifting Your Mindset
• Visualizing
• Taking Action
• Conclusion

How to Sell Myself with Integrity for Job/College Interviews

• Introduction
• Why People Hate the Thought of Selling Themselves
• Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
• It’s All in the Language You Use
• How You Can Love to Sell Yourself
• Becoming a Trusted and Talented Person
• Taking Action
• Conclusion

The EMPTY Bucket List

• Introduction
• Life/Work/School Overwhelming?
• Roles of Emotions
• Clearing My Emotional Bucket without Dumping on Others
• Exchanging Unhealthy Thoughts, Beliefs, and Emotions with Empowering Ones
• Taking Action
• Conclusion

How to Get My Story Out

• Introduction
• What IS My Story?
• Why Should I Share My Story?
• What Medium Do I Use?
• Moving Forward
• Conclusion


Sarah frequently stays one or multiple days at a school conducting grade-level workshops. The topic for the workshop will be in accordance with the assembly you’ve chosen. During the workshop every student is walked through how to apply the principles taught to their lives.

Teacher Presentations

Sarah’s dad was among the modern heroes in her life. He was a teacher. Matter-of-fact, she owes where she is today to the teachers who took the time to mentor her. Who taught her that just because she struggled with reading, she could get better and better, which led her to become a best-selling author.

Her respect and admiration for teachers is why she loves working with teachers to help them be the heroes their students need. She always takes time to answer teachers’ questions and address their specific concerns. Sarah’s teacher presentations range from 45 minute inservices to half or full day workshops taken from the Assembly topics. (Note: the assembly/workshops for the students do not have to be the same as the inservice or teacher seminars.)

Family Literacy Nights

For change to take hold, it’s best to have repetition. It’s also important for families to learn the skills and techniques their students learn. When the whole family gets involved, along with the school, real change takes place.
These evenings are some of Sarah’s most enjoyable presentations. Her inspirational storytelling and helpful remarks inspire parents and students to place a higher value on relationships and leadership and how to let go of the negativity that affects us all.