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The Power of Intention

ResearchGate Publication posted an article titled: Evidence about the Power of Intention, and since I have been studying this topic myself recently, I decided this was a post I wanted to share. It states, "Intention is defined as a directed thought to perform a determined action. Thoughts targeted to an end can affect inanimate objects… Continue reading The Power of Intention

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Lessons from an Author

I personally loved the Twilight Series books, flaws and all. I, for the first time, recognized and admitted something in myself that I had left unnoticed for a long time. My desire to write. After reading the first three books in three days--no, I didn't sleep much--I sat down and started writing. So, I will… Continue reading Lessons from an Author

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Hope for Smokers?

As I search for new and interesting ways to help others and to use essential oils, I have found an article by Emma Tucker on dezeen, dehot zeenlist that offers an interesting twist on diffusing essential oils. And, it could offer help to those ready to quit smoking. The Smarin's Le Sifflu "peace-pipe"  (created by… Continue reading Hope for Smokers?