Emotional Health, Healthy Living

What is BEAUTY?

To me, beauty is so much more than what we see. It’s heart, spirit, nature, health, integrity, honor, love, kindness… Beauty goes below the surface and into the soul.

We must take care of our physical body. We only have one, so when we treat it poorly, it tends to FIGHT BACK. As we focus on what our body needs in order to function well, we work with our body’s natural ability to heal. Each element is important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

PROPER NUTRITION:healthy-eating

A great guide to eating well is to use wholesome HERBS, to eat MEAT sparingly (not gluttonous), to eat GRAINS often (this should be the main course of our diet), and to eat FRUITS and VEGETABLES in their season (at least 4 servings a day).

We should be careful in sugars, not eating them too often and should be very careful in what types of sugars we eat. (Future post on this!) I also am a firm believer in avoiding certain things all together. No preaching here, but… avoiding alcohol, coffee, caffeinated teas, sodas, tobacco, and drugs will strengthen your body and spirit. (I’m working on the soda thing myself.)



If you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off, then STOP! Take a deep breath and learn to be still. Don’t worry, you’ll probably get to run as soon as you stop relaxing, but now, you’ll have the energy, and the peace, to run without falling over.

Most of us require eight hours sleep at night, but some need more and some less. Tune in to your own body’s needs and get the sleep (preferably at night) that your body requires.


meditation_in_a_yoga_asanaThis is taking relaxing a step further. This is when you talk to God or even yourself. Work out problems, because they don’t go away just because you work to become a better you, (matter of fact, they often get worse first!) and we all need to take time to work these things out in our minds.

This is also where you take time to LISTEN. LISTEN to GOD. Listen to your heart. Listen to that Still Small Voice that teaches you what to do. (Pay attention to your own Jiminy Cricket.) Listen to your body’s needs.


Stretching, Strength Training, Yoga, Weight Lifting, Walking, Running…. No matter what your favorite (or not) exercise is, you need to be doing this for at least 30 minutes a day/5 days a week.

If you are new to exercising, start small, BUT START! If you can only walk around your house one time, do it. Add to your regimen each week until you can walk miles.

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