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Small Scale Farming

So, as some of you may know, one of our family goals is to own a farm again. (My husband and I both grew up on a farm.) And while all my children will not be raised on a farm, seeing as how one has already left home, but we hope to share it with some of our kids and future grand-kids.

We are however starting on a small scale. What is Small Scale Farming? Clair Vasquez teaches us in this video.

Now, we have built a greenhouse and have a decent garden, but I’m ready for a little more. Last year we raised a few lambs and they now reside in our freezer. I  know, I’ll probably get hate mail for that, but the point of raising animals like that, for me, is for the meat. And God did give man dominion over all the beast of the earth and all the fowl of the air. So, I eat meat and have to say I love it. (I don’t judge your eating practices, don’t judge mine.)

I’d like to do more. I want chickens and a cow or two, but I’d have to get the property beside me to do that. So, I’ve been going through Pintrest and I came across a blog I love! Pioneer Settler has a great post about growing food for your family on less than one acre, and I love some of the suggestions.


A few of the suggestions were raising quails instead of chickens, since they are smaller and friendlier. He also says the small eggs taste good and that the birds lay often. (I’m considering this.) Goats for milk over cows. (I want a goat for making soap, but I’m not a huge fan of the healthier goat milk. Again, I’d have to see.)

He goes on to talk about planting in containers. (I really like this idea and think I’ll do a few hanging planters next spring.)


Go to Pioneer Settler to read the whole post, and I hope you find ways to start growing your own food where you are. Even if you live in the city, there are tips for growing.



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