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Big Changes…Big Blessings

Ryleigh's graduation pictures.png

Yesterday, after nearly 19 years of living with my oldest baby, we took her off to college. My baby is smart (graduated Valedictorian, got full-ride scholarships to her college), kind, loving, and beautiful in every way. She’s a hard worker and takes her talents and increases them. If she wants to do something she may not have natural talent in, she hones those skills until it becomes a talent.

My husband and I are beyond proud of her. (As we are all our children, but this post is about our oldest.) She has been a continual joy to our family and inspires us to be better people. I have to say, she is one of the best people I know. For a mom to be able to say and mean such a thing, shows what a great spirit Heavenly Father sent to our family.

We will all miss her beyond words.

Thursdays, I write often about emotions and emotional well-being. What a better thing for me to write about today, than the emotional ups and downs of leaving our daughter last night and driving home without her.

My husband and I spent the day with her and her friend, who came with us, buying the necessities of life and getting her settled in. She has all her books and student ID, and now she even has good food to eat. I’m glad to know that she has the skills to cook anything she’d like and to keep her apartment clean. (I believe all kids need these skills!)

As the day drew to a close, my husband took our baby in his arms and held her. He told her how proud he was of her and how much he loved her. Men, do this for your children. They need to know that you look at them with love and respect! I watched, tears in my eyes, as two of my favorite people hugged and cried. The spirit of God was strong with us, and I am grateful for His comfort at that hard time. My husband and I had a prayer with her, after my hugs and kisses, and I knew that all was well. She is where she is supposed to be. She is doing what she is supposed to be doing. We are meant to teach our children correct principles and then allow them to govern themselves. This is how the learn and grow.

I have no doubts she will make mistakes, being as she’s as human as the rest of us, but I also know that she is a strong, smart girl and will rise beyond her wildest imaginations!

To my oldest baby

Love, Mom.png


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