Emotional Health

Why Choices Matter…


Part of me would love to live in fall year round, but then, I’d miss out on my son’s summer birthday. I’d miss the family summer camping trips. I’d miss Christmas and Easter. As much I love autumn, and it is my favorite season, I have to ask myself, would I love it the same if I knew nothing else? I know the answer to that would be NO.

I love the cooling weather, the fall leaves, FOOTBALL, Halloween, Thanksgiving, wearing sweaters and jackets, turning up the heat at night, and FOOTBALL. But if that was all I had, all I knew, I wouldn’t have it to look forward to each year. It would become stagnate.

What if you had to eat the same meal three times a day? Even if it were your favorite meal, it wouldn’t take long before you detested that food. My senior year of high school, my jaw locked. Completely. I could not open my mouth. Because I sucked my thumb until I was eleven (yep, you read that right, 11), I had a large enough gap in between my top teeth and bottom teeth (buck-teeth) so I was able to fit a straw in and push in small bites of food. I couldn’t chew, so it had to be food that would all but dissolve in my mouth or was soft enough to just swallow.

Now, you may think you’d love to eat ice cream, mashed potatoes, or pudding every day, but I can promise you, you wouldn’t. I lived off a lot of these things. For nine months. Nine…long…months. It took years, once I could eat regularly, before I could eat these things again without gagging.

I, therefore, am quite grateful that God has blessed us with change and choice.

What are some of the changes and choices that you are thankful for?

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