Cleaning Tips

Organizing: 102

Now that you’ve got a room cleared, and everything from that room in the room it needs to be in, you need to do a deep cleaning of the room you’ve cleared. And understand that this one room needs to stay clean. When something comes into this room, put it away.

Now, move to the next room and start the process again. Moving from one room to another. As one room is cleared, don’t set stuff from the other rooms into a clean one.

If you find that you have too much stuff in one room once it’s clean and there is more coming in, then you need to decide what more you need to get rid off. We live in a society of clutter and more than we need. At least we do in many countries. Instead of getting storage units, give more away. There are many places to take your used items that will then benefit others.


Some of you have areas with online yard sales or Facebook yard sales, it’s okay to post items on those, if they can move within a week. If they haven’t sold, get rid of them, otherwise we end up taking a step back. Keeping things in piles we don’t need. It’s better to donate and get rid of than make a few cents or dollars off our discards which are clutter in our homes.

Next week we’ll talk of ways to store your things neatly. Happy Organizing!


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