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It's often the last key that opens the lock..jpg

It is so easy to allow ourselves to become discouraged in life. Let’s face it, bad things happen. Our cars break down. Our children misbehave. We fight with those we love. People cut us off in traffic. People can be rude and say things that offend us or hurt our feelings.

Yep, this is a fact of life.


Because God created us and sent us to earth to learn and have experiences. In order to learn, we have to have teaching moments. This requires trials. So, this is necessary.

Now, how to be happy with this happening in life?

We chose to be.

Sound a little too simple? Well, it’s that simple and that hard.

How do we save ourselves from discouragement? We first have to realize what is making us discouraged. What triggers it? Once we know the trigger, and there are often many, (pick one to start) and decide that you are going to let go of the negative emotions this trigger causes. (You may need to watch the One-Minute Release Video again to help you “Let it Go.”) And I’m going to tell you right now, you need to pray, read good books, read scriptures, and do things which will draw you closer to God.

You also need to remember that most times, we have to go through many “keys” to find the correct one for the “lock”. We don’t always get what we desire. And if we do get it, it’s often not when we’d like it. This is because God knows better than we do. If we are seeking His will and His time frame, then we are at peace with what happens in our lives.

We need to look at each new trial in our lives as a learning experience. Ask yourself, each time something comes up, a trial, a sickness, a challenge, “What do I need to learn?”

When we do these things, and are hit with challenges that would normally bring us discouragement, we can head off a lot of pain and hurt.

“God didn’t design us to be sad. He created us to have joy!” — Dieter F. Uchtdorf


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