Save The Children


Saving the Children

I first met Tim Ballard last November at a women’s conference, Time Out for Women, where he spoke of his dealings with the Sex Slave Industry. And yes, I’m using the word industry, because that’s exactly what it is.

Before I met Tim, I was inspired to write a novel about a girl who had been taken from her home and sold off into this trade. She is trapped in this life for ten years, before being rescued. This is a work in progress for me, one I plan on finishing by the end of the year.

This topic has touched me and broken my heart to the point I MUST speak out! This is an EVIL practice and the only way to stop it is to be aware and then fight. Now, most of us will not go out and act as buying agents or undercover girls, or any of the other heroic things that those brave men and women from OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD and other organizations like them, do. But we can help! We can be AWARE!

I’m adding a link to OUR’s website where you can donate to help aid the fight to Save Children’s lives!

Words do not do justice to the FILTH and EVIL these buyers and sellers bring into the lives of these children and their families. We must do all we can to put a stop to it! TODAY!

To donate, go to

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