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Are You Empowered?

We’ve all heard the phrases “MIND OVER MATTER” and “WILL POWER” and sometimes think we simply don’t have any. But let me tell you right now, YES YOU DO! We all have the agency to be what we can be and should be. We all have the ability to chose and make choices of what is best for us.

Tony Robbins talks about how each of have a pattern in our daily lives that come from choices. For instance, if you are in a healthy place, you get up in the morning and start your day in a healthy manner. You get dressed, exercise, eat well. You make choices to BE HEALTHY. If you are not living your life in a healthy manner, you may hit snooze a few times, then you get up, eat your muffin and have your coffee, or you eat your sugared cereal and hurry through your day.

Each scenario is a choice. We get to choice whether or not we are healthy. I know there are extenuating circumstances where it’s more difficult to live healthy. I’ve lived in many of them. I was very sick for many years and didn’t get out of bed. I’ve also been “too poor” to buy foods that were good for me. But I’ve discovered those are excuses. If we chose to be healthy, we can find a way.

First, even if you are in bed, you have to eat. So why not eat foods that are good for you and offer you nutrition? And second, being “poor” isn’t a reason not to make some good choices each day. You may have to settle some, but you can still make good choices.

Despite what you may think, this post isn’t on health and nutrition. It’s on CHOOSING BETTER!

My dear friend, team member, and mentor, Tiffany Garvin, has an excellent video on how we can become who we want to become by making better choices.

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