Emotional Health

Emotional Health: Calming Stress


I’m sure we’ve all had days where we just want to sit down and cry. And some of may have even done it. No matter how many good days you have, no matter how often you look on the bright side of things, or see the silver lining, you are going to have bad moments.

I saw a great message on Facebook I think we all need to consider:

Was it a bad day or

There truly are bad times that seem to go on forever. But I wonder if we often milk it for all it’s worth. This is the time when we need to sit down and be still and know that God is in charge. This is a time when we need to BREATHE!

There are some great breathing techniques that I have learned from Tiffany Garvin that I feel will help all. She is a mentor, friend, and team member of mine and I love working with her!

With this technique, “life becomes easier to manage. Not that things around us change, but we become more capable of dealing with them in the best way.”



1 thought on “Emotional Health: Calming Stress”

  1. Sarah, you are amazing and generous! Yes, those times where we want to sit down and cry are very real. When we submit ourselves to those moments, God can teach us beautiful lessons. So, sit, cry, release, breathe and listen. You will receive what you need!


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