Gardening and Self-Reliance

A New Way of Gardening (For Me)

As I’ve said, my husband and I both grew up on farms and so we should have a great garden, right? Though it’s growing, it’s not great. Part of the problem is that we both work and rely on our children to care for it. (Mostly our 11 year old son.) He does well enough, but our skills have seemed to be lacking.

This weekend, I spent time with my friend Alysia Hurtado and she showed me her new garden.

Alysia's garden 1

She started this this past winter I believe. Now, my husband built us an awesome greenhouse late this spring, and we knew it was a little late, but it’s done now so it should help for next year! But we will be trying out her system that she learned from

It’s called the Mittleider Garden Method. And if you’d like the book, you can get it here.

I’m just now learning about this and will share more as I learn more.

Here’s what Alysia’s garden looked like Monday.


One of the things I found most interesting, she didn’t use soil. It’s sand and wood chips/sawdust. There are other things added to this, including minerals and nutrients. I’ll be adding videos on how to get started and will be doing this myself this fall. (Once what I’ve done this season has been harvested.)

This video address complaints and concerns about this way of gardening. I believe that all good things and truth come from God and that everyone should decide for themselves what is right for them. I’ll be trying this next year!

I will be going over many more steps during the next few weeks. Next weeks video is on how to build a grow box.


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