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Cleaning Your Chicken’s Coop

No matter what your chicken coop looks like, how large or small, one thing all chicken owners have in common is the need to keep it clean.

I’ll be honest here, growing up, we didn’t sterilize our chicken coop, I’m sure, ever. We cleaned it out, but didn’t do much deep cleaning. People simply didn’t consider things like that back then.

The thing is, chickens have respiratory problems by nature and a clean coop helps them breathe better. Who cares? you may ask. Well, think of how hard it is for you to be productive if you can’t breathe well. We all want our chickens healthy and strong and able to produce eggs, right. That’s probably the main reason you have chickens.

Well, in order for them to produce at their best, they need living conditions in which they can breathe clean, chemical free air. Who wants to live in filth?

One helpful solution is to use plastic bins that can easily be dumped and wiped down for each chicken’s personal laying bin. These can be dumped into compost and the bin washed out with Protective Soap and dried. It can then be sprayed with my trusted company’s Protective Blend and water.

You can also clean it out and wash it with Castile soap and lemon essential oil.

Make sure you clean the poop off the ground and keep all moldy foods and scraps away from your chickens.

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