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As He Dwelt in Tent

Today’s post came from the comments on my Humility and Pride post. It was written by one of my team members, someone who has become a dear friend and sister to me over the years, and someone I hold in high esteem and am grateful to God every day He put us in each others path. That we get to work and teach together is a blessing beyond compare. Alysia Hurtado, thanks for this wonderful insight!

Alysia Hurtado





“This is a great post! It reminded me of a scripture I was reading last night. A prophet of the Lord was given a beautiful vision of the love of God and of his family. He was given the opportunity to learn more deeply about God’s plan for him and his children, and to teach them these things, and yet he did all these things ‘as he dwelt in a tent.’


“He was the prophet of God, but living in a tent in the middle of a desert wilderness. He didn’t have his gold or his silver or any of his wealth. He had only those things that were of most value to him– his family, his faith in God, and the provisions he needed to make a journey across a desert wasteland.

“It hit me so strongly as I read that last night, that I was waiting for things to be perfect before I felt like I could act. I had the limiting belief that I could not do great things with my life until my life looked like a picture book; the right house, the right marriage, the right set of skills, the complete understanding of what I was excited to teach, etc. Fill in the blank, “I am not good enough because __________.” This scripture taught me how false that belief was. If God Almighty is willing to converse with his prophet who is living in a tent, then He will support me to accomplish whatever purpose I have that is good– right now. I don’t have to wait to act. I can do, I can be, I can create, I can inspire right now, as I am, where I am, with all my gifts and flaws and limited knowledge, and as I step into action, and co-create with God, He will make up the difference. He will help guide me. He will teach me what I need to know. He will help me overcome my weaknesses and He will magnify my gifts as I use them for His purposes.

“So, NO, I’m not perfect. I see that it’s my pride that makes me think I must be perfect before I can do good or great things. But the Lord would use me in my weakness, in my humility, and I have nothing to be ashamed of when I partner with God. Thank you, Sarah, for giving me another bit of insight!”

I am grateful for this. I have posted  videos and pictures that my house isn’t perfectly clean in and that I DO NOT look my best in. This is because I knew I couldn’t wait to share and teach the things that God has blessed me with.

So, on this beautiful Sabbath Day, as I spend time worshiping God, spending time with my family, and rejoicing in all my many blessings, I pray that you will have peace and joy, and realize that you too are perfect for what God has in store for you. Just because you aren’t perfect, your perfect for whatever He has for you!

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