Being A Better Person


Self Reliance

What do you think of when you think SELF-RELIANT?

Do images of eating bark, readying for the apocalypse, or driving until you run out of gas and footing it across the country, possibly being followed by zombies come to mind?

It may simply bring to mind images much like the ones above. Working hard, gardening, hunting, fishing, and canning your own food. How about self-defense? And you’d be right, it is all this. (Well, maybe not the zombie part.) But have you thought about the emotional and mental parts of being self-reliant?

I don’t believe it means to never rely on others, matter-of-fact, I honestly believe we must help each other, and allow others to help us, in order to live happy, fulfilled lives.

Let’s look at the mental and emotional aspect of being able to rely on yourself. Do you trust yourself to make good decisions? Do you trust your abilities to care for your family? How about financially? Do you make wise choices?

Are you able to forgive yourself past mistakes, learn from them, and then let them go? Have you learned how to turn things over to the Lord?

See, this, to me, is self-reliance. The ability to use the talents, gifts, smarts, education, and know-how we each have to make good choices, to change things that aren’t working, and to go forward with faith in yourself and in God.

What are ways you feel you’re able to take care of yourself and things that make you doubt?

For me, any time I place my trust in the Lord and follow Him, I can then trust myself to take care of me and my family.

What gives you confidence?

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