Essential Oil Education, Farming, Homesteading, and Caring for Animals

Animal Care on the Farm

Happy Monday!

Monday’s on Organizing Life’s Skills, we will talk about Farming, Homesteading, and Animal Care. At this moment, we are looking to buy a farm, but my husband and I both grew up on farms and I will share some of our combined knowledge, along with things I’ve found online.

Today, we’re talking chickens. I grew up on a chicken farm, raising tens of thousands of chickens at a time. Some of what I’ll share over the following weeks will be from that experience, from having chickens since, and, again, tips from others.


One thing to consider is what they eat. Letting them roam and eat bugs, grasses, and so forth is best, but if you must bring in grains, make sure they are GMO free and organic is best. I’ve found a company that not only supplies feed, but you can buy chickens as well.

Here are some foods you can feed your chickens.

  • Scratch Grains

    (cracked, rolled, or whole grains such as corn, barley, oats, or wheat): Chickens need to scratch. And tossing these grains on the ground encourages this behavior.

  • Table Scraps

    You can feed your chickens table scraps (fruit peels, leafy vegetables, beans, peas, etc., stale bread, even egg shells, even sour milk, but stay away from feeding them meat.) This can be done daily, but you don’t want to give them too much at a time. If they can’t eat it within 20 minutes or so, then the rest should be moved to compost. You also want to make sure that none of the food is rotten. You also want to stay away from onions, garlic, oregano, etc. if you are feeding layers, or the egg flavor could be effected.

  • Grass Clippings

    Feeding your chickens grass, fresh hay, or other tender plants it gives them nutrients that are good for them, but make sure they are young and green, chickens can’t digest older, brown plants. And make sure your grass is free of pesticides and poisons.

  • Essential Oils

    One drop of Oregano Essential Oil in one teaspoon of olive oil added to your chickens water will act as a boost their immune systems and help keep them healthy. For my TRUSTED BRAND of Essential Oils,

    Click here arrow

Another thing you need to always remember in caring for chickens is that they can have respiratory problems if their coop isn’t cleaned properly.

Next week we’ll talk about cleaning out that coop and cleaners that are okay to use.

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